USS Kittiwake - Grand Cayman { 127 images } Created 31 Oct 2011

Rest well your work is finally done
No more the ocean to roam
No more to fight the storm and sea
Rest well beneath the waves

The USS Kittiwake - - has been on the reef in Grand Cayman for 12+ months. I took this trip to see how the site was progressing and to complete a photo survey of the ship.
See the complete photo gallery at Steven W Smeltzer / USS Kittiwake or visit my blog and read more on the USS Kittiwake.
The USS Kittiwake is a Chanticleer Class Submarine Rescue Ship. . It was launched on July 10, 1945 and commissioned as the USS Kittiwake (ASR-013). She was decommissioned September 30, 1994 and struck from the Naval Register September 30, 1994.
There are 5 decks on the 47 foot tall Kittiwake. Externally, the crow's nest, mast and large stern a-frame have been cut down and remounted to make her height suitable for Cayman waters. The upper decks accommodate the 2 bridges along with the radio and navigation room. The Captain and XO's quarters are also located on the upper decks.
Below the main deck, 2 decks exist that include the crews quarter, medic/hospital station, engine and propulsion rooms, air bank storage and compressors, as well as the steering gear, shaft, gyro, ammunition lockers, cold storage and barber shop to name a few areas. The Kittiwake has been opened up with large access holes both vertically and horizontally, to provide safe and easy access to virtually every space on the ship.
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